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  • Donation to be made by PayNow (QR Code scan) or UEN 199300813R to 'Foundation of Rotary Clubs (Singapore) Ltd'
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  • 6 Nov 2021 – 31 Mar 2022

    Calendar 2022

    In support of our growing elder population in Singapore, the Foundation of Rotary Clubs embarked on developing an Eldercare and Caregivers Centre

    (FRCS ECC) in Bukit Batok, which will bring much needed support to our Senior Citizens in the heartlands. The project has incurred a capital expenditure of $465,000 and we budget for an annual operational expenditure of $280,000.

    We target to raise funds for the first three years of operations.

    Operational in December 2021, the ECC will serve up to 2,500 elderlies in the precinct, and there are 13 HDB Flats that will come under its purview. We intend to deliver programmes that are meaningful and holistic to these residents. We have launched the Calendar 2022 as a fundraising project to raise funds that will support the programmes at the ECC and we intend to raise $30,000 from donations for this calendar.