FRCS Activities

Paul John: Whiskey Tasting

We held our first fellowship event this Rotary term on 19th August 2022, jointly organised by the FRCS committee and Rotary E-Club of 3310. 🥃

Donate Blood, Donate Life

On 1st April 2022, the Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore (FRCS) partnered with the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) to hold our first ever Blood Donation Drive at the FRCS Headquarters.

Wine Appreciation Class

Participants welcomed 2022 with a special Wine Appreciation Class hosted by PP Paul Keng 🥂🍾

HPV & You: Debunking the Myths of HPV

Guest doctors were invited to help the community be better educated on facts of identifying and preventing HPV.

How Music Can Improve Your Health

To help stimulate better health during Covid-19, many were educated on the benefits and basics of music.

Providing Academic Support to Youths-at-Risk

To help out-of-school youths prepare for their 'N' Levels examinations. Over 70 youths were able to pursue their post-secondary academic.