Outreach Programmes

FRCS Eldercare & Caregivers Centre

Chinese Calligraphy Session @ ECC

Our seniors enjoy Chinese calligraphy and are pursuing this hobby at FRCS Eldercare and Caregivers Centre, in Bukit Gombak. To usher in the Year of the Rabbit, our seniors wrote Chinese Couplets to express hope and anticipation for good things to come in the Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival.

Chun Lian or Spring Festival Couplets, are written in black ink on red paper, as expressions of hope from the calligrapher for the new year. They are decorations for the main door and walls of the home, to attract good luck. 🧧🌸

FRCS ECC is a senior activity centre in the west of Singapore where our members gather to exercise, socialise, and learn new skills. After one retires, art forms like calligraphy previously learned in school can be picked up for self development again.

Watch our seniors in action from the videos below:

  1. 瑞兔迎春 (ruì tù yíng chūn): Lucky rabbit welcoming the Spring
  2. Rabbit 
  3. 四季平安, 吉祥如意! (sì jì píng ān, jí xiáng rú yì) We wish you four seasons of peace and safety, may everything go smoothly and all your wishes may come true!
  4. 福 (fú): An auspicious word meaning good fortune and happiness.
  5. 朝气满堂 (zhāo qì mǎn táng): Full of vigour, energy and health