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Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore

Postcard Collection: The First Series

We’re so excited to share our first postcard collection with everyone! We wanted to create something special and meaningful for our donors and guests who attended the annual SSO-FRCS Joint Fundraising Concert. 😊

From FRCS ECC’s fine art classes, the seniors were able to put their creative talents on display. As we wanted more people to appreciate the stunning artworks, we created a set of postcards with a few beautiful pieces which were specially curated to tie in with the theme of World Understanding and Peace Day. Our goal is to spread joy with this attractive collection — Watch how it all came together! 🎞

I’m relaxed and free from the pressures of daily living when I join FRCS ECC activities, because it is “me-time”. The centre has allowed me to learn new things, and expand friendships. – Regina Foo

My passion for putting brush to paper began with Chinese calligraphy in school. Decades later, I picked it up again as my Covid-19 hobby. Art classes at ECC have sparked interest in me for Western art. – May Tai

Upon retirement, Suat Khim learned Israeli folk dancing for 20 years. Quite often, this form of dance requires moving in a circle with hands joined, much like Matisse’s effortless masterpiece.


I’ve always enjoyed working with arts and with like-minded people. While working with seniors, we’ve discovered new commonalities, answers to challenges, and friendships. – Daryl Toh


Things have changed in the past year since starting art lessons at FRCS ECC. Life is good, I’ve been extremely happy, and have made new friends. The biggest discovery was that, I can paint and draw! I never imagined it so. – Lowi


I take joy in discovering and uncovering the beauty inherent in each creative spirit. To see this community grow in the arts brings more meaning to the work we do in supporting our seniors’ wish to age gracefully and purposefully. – Marilyn Li


While Hokusai’s Great Wave documented the anxiety surrounding Japan’s place in the world in 1831, its energetic waves also reflect the overwhelming emotions brought on by the turbulent changes in today’s society. – Helen Lee