Outreach Programmes

Rotary Club of Singapore North

A Loaf of Love @ Teck Ghee

This ongoing community project of RCSN was carried out in partnership with Teck Ghee Community Club since 1 Oct 2015. This was upgraded to be a Foundation project from July 2017. The project aimed to distribute bread and grocery items on a weekly basis to 300 needy senior residents that reside in one-room HDB rental flats in the neighborhood. They were shortlisted by the social welfare service of the Teck Ghee Community Club.

The distribution takes place every Wednesday from 2.45 pm. The needy residents would collect from the five distribution centers at the Teck Ghee Neighborhood. Joining Rotarians includes members of public and Rotaractors from ITE College Central. The Rotarians would help pack the food items into the plastic bags and help with the registration and distribution. Some Rotarians would go to the homes of those that have difficulties collecting from the center. There are about 20 of them and are usually those that have mobility issues or are too frail to walk. These visits help the volunteers to enquire about their well being and gain a firsthand experience of the impact of this project on the community. The project usually ends around 3.45pm.

In appreciation for our Club’s participation for this project, we were acknowledged at the Lunar New Year Dinner event by the Member of Parliament for the Teck Ghee Constituency for the past few years. This project also won the Rotary District 3310 Best Community Project – Merit RY 2018-19. It is also featured in the Rotarian magazine which has a global circulation of more than 1 million readers.;

Donations and Grants:

  1. Rotary Club of Singapore North (RCSN) members & friends
  2. Foundation of Rotary Clubs (Singapore) Ltd., Enhanced Grant.


Wong Kok Kit
Director, Community Service
Rotary Club of Singapore North RY 2021-22